About Us

I created K Street Pictures to give power back to filmmakers.  Our mantra is simple, honest accounting, accessibility, and treating motion pictures individually.  We have a network of powerful movie makers who have shown an overwhelming frustration with the industry.  Why are our talents exploited by others to make corporations rich?

We believe that if a film makes money then the producers should be paid. Period.  Not all films are alike.  Thus we create individual marketing plans and strategies.  We can’t guarantee a hit, but we have the relationships to put your film on the platforms they belong, to sell it to the world, and the ability to reach millions of people.

Our groundbreaking business model for our productions is an industry disruption.  We build viable business models and marketing plans before we go into production.  We have a network of professional movie makers and talent.  We are able to make promises other production companies can’t.  We guarantee distribution. Period.

~ Charles Agron, Founder